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Is Van Life a good life?

Van Life is our top choice. After years of busy work in Milan, we decided to leave everything behind. It took us several months to get the van ready, with a small kitchen, a fridge, a solar panel, and a pull-out bed. But once everything was (more or less) in place, we embarked on our climbing tour in Spain.

Living in a van, or “van life,” isn’t easy, especially at the beginning. The spaces are tight, and many conveniences we’re used to are missing. However, over time, we discovered the many positive aspects. Inside a van, everything is within arm’s reach, so you don’t need to search too much for things. You learn to live with the essentials; no need for fancy cutlery or numerous pairs of shoes. Just a few well-chosen items are more than sufficient.

As time goes on, life becomes simpler, your mind is free from unnecessary worries, and you feel more at peace. We all know that the things we own can eventually start to own us. By simplifying and letting go of excess, we feel lighter.

We spent several weeks in Siurana, Catalonia, together with other vanlifers and climbing friends. These weeks were filled with climbing, joy, and lots of nature. In this short video, we’ll share our experiences from our time in Siurana.

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