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Why is the Flow so important?

Being into the journey, into the process, into the flow. But what does it mean? Whatever we are doing, wherever we are right now, we just need to be aware of where we are. And learn to be happy simply where we are.

During all our life society told us to become number one, to do our best in order to make it to the podium – and this, they promised us, it will make you happy. But if I want to become number 1, and you want to become number, 1 how are we gonna fit? There’s not so much space for al number ones, right? We are gonna squeeze or fight between each other until only one of us succeeds? Are we truly better than someone else?

What if we change point of view. How about being a happy number 2, number 3, number 4.. is this an option? It just requires us to start being more process oriented and less goal oriented. Learning to reward ourselves in every single step of the journey, without being anxious of reaching the top. I’m sure it happened to each one of us, to reach the top once. And then what? Immediately after it feels like “well, that was not so special.” And you will want to reach the next step, and then the next, and the next. Without even having time to stop and realize the goal achieved, and all the efforts made. So maybe here’s an advice: even if we don’t get to the top and become number one, just embrace your work done till that point, even without any achievement. Learn to be simply a happy human being, decide not to participate to any type of ranking.

What does happiness mean to you?

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