Van Tour: discover our beloved home on wheels

Vanlife, to us, is more than just a lifestyle; it’s a deep connection to nature and the epitome of freedom. The decision to hit the road, leaving behind the hustle of urban life in Milan, was a game-changer. It unlocked the gateway to a world where we could be anywhere at any time, and it’s a choice we’ve never looked back on.

A Connection to Nature

Our van lets us get really close to nature. Every morning, we wake up to the warm sun, the gentle wind rustling the leaves, and the untouched beauty of the world right outside our door. These moments remind us how simple things can be the best ones. Every day feels like an opportunity to explore, to hike through the woods, to camp in the middle of nowhere.

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The Freedom of Vanlife

One of the greatest joys of vanlife is the freedom it offers. Our van is our ticket to absolute mobility. We can pick up and go, changing our surroundings at a moment’s notice. There’s no need for advanced planning or hotel reservations. We chase the best weather, choose new horizons, and tailor our journey to our desires. The world becomes our playground, and we’re the directors of our adventure.

The key to a successful vanlife lies in the design of your home on wheels. We spent months crafting our layout, ensuring it met our every need. Our mini kitchen, complete with a gas stove, sink, and efficient storage, became the heart of our van. It allows us to prepare home-cooked meals no matter where we are. Our pull-out bed is not just a cozy haven for sleep but also a comfortable seating area during the day. A solar panel powers our fridge, offering sustainability and delicious fresh food along the way.

The Power of Minimalism

Vanlife has taught us the beauty and power of minimalism. Living with only the essentials has freed our minds and lightened our spirits. We’ve learned that happiness isn’t found in possessions but in the simplicity of life on the road.

We hope our van tour and insights inspire others on their vanlife journey. Your van is your canvas; paint it with your dreams.

Check out our Van Tour video:

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