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Our first yoga retreat in Sardinia!

Why a Yoga Retreat?

We decided to host our first yoga retreat in our house by the sea in Sardinia because we wanted to challenge ourselves and connect with awesome people who love yoga like we do. Even though it was a bit tough, given we had so much to learn in planning it, the experience was absolutely fantastic. Our beautiful spot by the sea created a perfect setting for yoga and being close to nature. Getting together with others who share our passion for yoga made it special – we formed a little community of good vibes. The retreat wasn’t just a simple event; it was a chance for everyone to get back to themselves, discover new things about the practice thanks to our amazing teacher Giorgia. We’re excited to share more about this cool experience!

It was a long weekend retreat, from Friday to Monday, with focus on practicing yoga with Tiny Yoga. The group of passionate yogini was perfectly balanced and created a lovely energy all around the house. The main answer on why organizing a yoga retreat is because it’s fun!

Every person joining the retreat arrived in the perfect mood to unwind, chill, and truly dedicate time to themselves, escaping the chaos of the city. Surrounded by nature and the blue sea, the entire experience became magical. The combination of like-minded individuals, the beauty of nature, and the calming presence of the sea made the retreat truly special and unique.

Our cozy house: a perfect retreat spot

Our house by the sea, surrounded by a garden and offering a wide sea view in complete quiet and peacefulness, proved to be the ideal setting for hosting a retreat. The natural beauty of the surroundings, with the calming sounds of the sea and the wind, created a serene atmosphere for relaxation and introspection. The location allowed participants to detach from their daily life, promoting a sense of tranquility and focus on their practice. The closeness to the sea allowed them to go for a swim or a beach walk during their free time.

yoga retreat

Yoga by the sea

Picture yourself on a charming patio just a short walk from the breathtaking beaches of Costa Smeralda, surrounded by a fantastic teacher who shares her knowledge and practice. You’re joined by other passionate yogis, and there’s nothing on your mind except your practice and the current moment. Everything you require is right here, creating a serene and focused space for you to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Discovering Italian Cuisine

During the retreat, we ensured a holistic experience by providing all-inclusive meals personally crafted with love and patience by us. Each day featured a delightful spread, including breakfast, brunch, and dinner, all tailored to individual preferences for vegetarian or vegan options. We prioritized using local, organic ingredients to guarantee a menu that not only satisfied taste buds but also promoted overall well-being. Recognizing the importance of nourishing both the body and mind, we curated a dining experience that complemented the participants’ journey, contributing to a 360-degree retreat where every aspect of the stay, from practice to meals, was thoughtfully designed.

Making friends and connecting at the Retreat

Beyond the yoga sessions, our retreat offered a complete and immersive experience where participants not only shared a single class but also forged lasting connections. The communal aspect extended to meals, evening chats, and tea sessions, creating a great opportunity for making new friends.This retreat wasn’t just about individual practices; it was a shared journey that fostered a sense of community. There were many moments for open conversations, laughter, and the joy of connecting with like-minded individuals, turning the entire experience into a holistic and enriching adventure.

What the Retreat meant to us

To us, as hosts, the experience was incredible. We felt immediately connected not only with Giorgia, Tiny Yoga, but with the entire group. We feel lucky for having the opportunity to meet and share our house with such amazing human beings. We are excited and can’t wait to go live with 2024 events and tell you more about all the upcoming retreats for next year!

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