Feel Comfortable

It’s difficult to feel comfortable and “at home” when you travel regularly or change cities after some time. It takes at least a couple of weeks, if not more, to adjust to your new surroundings. That emotion can be addictive: you cannot think to live in the same spot for the rest of your life, you’d rather travel, see the world in all its variety, without having a stable home or routine. Or maybe not, maybe you decorate your apartment with beautiful flowers, place a welcome mat in front of the door, and add lovely details – but you still don’t feel comfortable living there.

I’ve spent the last few years traveling and changing home several times, living in a van and moving around, and I’ve learned one thing: home is an emotion, not a place. And this emotion is entirely dependent on you.

I began my inner journey through my mind and body several years ago, and the practice on the mat forced me to face my anxieties and shortcomings. I’ve begun to make friends with my body and feel at ease with it. I’m looking for that feeling of being at peace in my own skin, as when you sit down and talk with your best friend.

When you attend a yoga class you sense that there are other people in the room who share your comfort and sense of ease. You feel these people who won’t make fun of your appearance or your attire. And it encourages you to return to class.

You’ll notice that every practice ends with a request from the teacher to return to the body and feel. It’s possible that at first you won’t notice that you’re different. However, years of practice make you increasingly sensitive to the point where you can practically feel your organs and the body’s deepest, innermost parts. In the same way, from a foreigner, you will learn to speak the same language as you learn grammar in school and develop a friendship with your body.

It requires time and is a slower way. You’ll begin to feel comfortable in your own skin, with all the light and all the shadows, if you just stay there, wait, and listen.

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