Our trip to incredible India!

In January 2023, we embarked on a month-long adventure to India, drawn by curiosity and the promise of vibrant experiences. Landing in Bangalore at night, the city’s lively chaos greeted us. After a quirky start – involving a surprise guest in Lorenzo’s rice dish (hello cockroach!) – we dove into the city’s colorful streets, exploring temples and markets.

Hampi: wild nature and bouldering

Next, a night bus took us to Hampi, a bouldering haven in south India. Surrounded by ancient ruins and massive boulders, Hampi offered a tranquil contrast to Bangalore’s hustle. Climbing the unique rock formations, each day unfolded with unexpected challenges and breathtaking views. From the lively streets of Bangalore to the serene boulders of Hampi, our month in India became a tapestry of unforgettable moments and unexpected beauty. Our typical climbing day started very early, due to the very warm conditions: 5 am we had our alarm and by 6.30 am we were at the main boulder sectors. Until 9.30 am we had some lovely time on the rock, and then had to drive back to our beloved “Goan Corner” guesthouse for breakfast. One of the reasons to go back to Hampi is definitely the food from Goan Corner, so delicious! We felt home, had such a nice time, met new friends and spent around 10 days in Hampi. The wild nature we found there will always remain in our memories.

Next stop: Goa!

Eager for a change of pace, our Indian adventure led us to the sun-soaked shores of Goa, a coastal paradise recommended by friends for its European charm and vibrant tourism. In stark contrast to the bustling streets of Bangalore and the rocky landscapes of Hampi, Goa welcomed us with a laid-back atmosphere and pristine beaches.

Our days in Goa unfolded in a relaxed rhythm, with ample time spent lounging on the sandy shores. The beach offered a perfect blend of tranquility and activity, where we could unwind with fresh coconuts in hand, savoring the tropical goodness while basking in the warm Indian sun. The turquoise waters beckoned, inviting us into refreshing swims that washed away the dust of our earlier adventures.

Udupi, the holy temples

Continuing our journey southward, we found ourselves in Udupi, a place steeped in spirituality and rich cultural heritage. Our visit centered around the holy temple area, a captivating destination that added a unique dimension to our Indian exploration.

The sacred atmosphere in Udupi was palpable as we navigated through the temple precincts. Intriguing rituals and ancient traditions unfolded before our eyes, offering a glimpse into the spiritual tapestry of India. The intricate architecture and vibrant rituals showcased the deep-rooted connection between faith and culture in this enchanting region.

Mysore, the Ashtanga yoga sanctuary

Our last stop was Mysore, a special place for yoga lovers like us. From immemorial times, India has been a country not only rich in its natural resources but also in learning and spreading the ancient, but precious knowledge like Ayurveda, Yoga, and many more to the world. In Mysore we practiced Ashtanga yoga every morning in the city where it all began. Ramesh Shetty, our wonderful teacher and guru, led us through the sessions, making it an incredible way to learn more about this ancient practice. Ramesh is a dedicated, patience, creative, and skilled teacher with an excellent sense of humour who is endowed with the rare gift of adopting his teaching method to the skill level of the individual pupil across the spectrum – beginners, intermediate and advanced alike this rare ability endears him to all of his the students and results in high student satisfaction.


Mysore itself is a calm and cultural city, offering a perfect setting for our yoga last week trip. In between yoga, we explored local markets, visited historical spots such as the Mysore Palace, and soaked up the peaceful vibes around us.

The experience of practicing yoga in the birthplace of Ashtanga was truly special, and it added a unique and serene touch to the end of our month-long journey through India. These lovely days in Mysore became the perfect conclusion to our adventure, leaving us with lasting memories and a deep appreciation for the beauty of this diverse country.

We can’t wait for our next trip, guess where we are going next 🙂

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