Coliving Sardinia: experience nature in its most authentic form.

In this latest post, we’re diving into a topic close to our hearts and one of the reasons why we decided to move to Sardinia and open our Coliving: the closeness to nature. At As We Flow Coliving Sardinia nature meets the space and becomes all in one with it. This closeness is so powerful that it changes your everyday life, energy and mood.

coliving sardinia

Reconnect to nature in our Coliving Sardinia

In a world that seems to be constantly accelerating, where we’re perpetually racing against the clock, it’s easy to lose touch with the fundamental simplicity and beauty of life. Our bustling lives often leave us feeling disconnected from the natural rhythms of nature around us. However, what sets our Coliving apart is our commitment to helping you rediscover that reconnection, a journey back to the very essence of living in a house where nature meets the space and becomes a key part of it.

Nestled on top of a green hill, with the vast view of the sea stretching in front of you and breathtaking views in every direction, our Coliving space offers an environment conducive to this reconnection with nature. The surroundings provide you the ideal backdrop for your journey back to natural rhythms of a simple life. Here, you’ll find a harmonious blend of nature’s tranquility and all the comforts essential for a balanced and fulfilling way of living and working. As We Flow Coliving Sardinia is more than a co-living space; it’s a place where you’ll feel at home and that encourages you to ground yourself, find your roots, and embrace the beauty of the uncomplicated, authentic life.

Dive into Sardinia’s landscapes

The Gallura region’s stunning landscapes, characterized by macchia Mediterranea and its rich vegetation, crystal-clear waters, create the perfect context to build a genuine community and to make you immediately “slow down” your life pace. In general as soon as you get in Sardinia you’ll be feel that the nature is still alive, the wind is blowing and you can just admire it.

Beyond all of this, the people of North Sardinia are still deeply connected to the land and the sea. Traditional practices like agriculture, hunting, and foraging are still common, and residents have a profound understanding of the region’s natural rhythms and seasons. This connection to the land and water fosters a profound respect for the environment. In our coliving we are aiming at the same and conscious way of operating, organizing activities who let you breath and touch this way of living.

Our activities and mission

In As We Flow Coliving Sardinia, the connection between nature and the space is more than just physical; it’s a way of looking at life. This is why while staying at our Coliving Sardinia we’ll encourage you to engage in a range of outdoor activities, both on land and sea: we’ll invite you to explore the inland hidden trails through hiking and trekking adventures, or organize water sports to connect you with the marine environment. Join us for bouldering, yoga, kayaking or surfing!

These outdoor activities reflect a commitment to nature consciousness, encouraging you to be not just spectator but active participant in the preservation of North Sardinia’s natural world. All this deep respect for the environment not only sustains the region’s stunning landscapes but also nurtures a profound sense of unity with nature, reminding us all of the beauty and importance of living in harmony with our natural surroundings.

Our mission is to facilitate the reconnection of individuals with nature, guiding them into a state of flow where they feel an innate harmony with the universe. Once this first connection is done, magic happens: we immediately see how easily and spontaneously individuals connect between themselves, sharing experiences and creating deeper bounds. The serene environment encourages a genuine, unmasked expression of self.

Want to book your experience?

We have still some spots available in our Coliving Sardinia starting from March 1st 2024.

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