Is Nomadic life a “proper” lifestyle?

The nomadic lifestyle is often considered as a life goal by some individuals. However, while the appeal of freedom and movement can be exciting, it may also provoke feelings of regret for leaving behind the stability and routine associated with a more settled environment.

Being constantly on the move can present challenges, such as the need to plan each step, navigate travel logistics, and cope with horrible internet connections, especially when working remotely from the other side of the world.

Despite the priceless sense of freedom, there are moments when the need for human connection and social interaction becomes undeniable.

As humans, our innate tendency to form communities and engage in dialogue persists, making it difficult to completely regret these connections in favor of constant mobility.

The growth of colivings and the recent trend have, in our opinion, had a significant impact on the quality of lives of numerous ‘solo traveler’ digital nomads. From our experience running our coliving here in Sardinia over the past years, we’ve keenly felt and witnessed the profound need for connections among individuals.

Many who arrive after months of solo travel are truly looking for meaningful connections and social interaction.

Nomadic life in a Coliving

The nomadic lifestyle in a coliving presents a distinctive approach to living life. Its appeal lies in the freedom it offers, allowing digital nomads to explore different locations, cultures, and experiences without being tied down. In Sardinia, for example, there is so much to explore around, since the island’s surroundings truly help you reconnect with nature and yourself. We often organize communal activities, such as hikes and day trips, in order to share these precious moments together with other nomads.

Coliving spaces often cultivate a sense of community among residents, providing social interaction, collaboration, enterpreneurship and support, which can be particularly valuable for nomadic individuals. This can foster personal growth through exposure to different and unique environments and perspectives. Additionally, nomadic living can also encourage a deeper connection with local realities, passing the message for a more minimalist, conscious and sustainable lifestyle. In fact, choosing to share your home with other nomads implies embracing a collaborative way of living, sharing not only a co-working area and weekend activities but also your environmental impact as a group.

All this is amazing and has a great support in terms of quality of life. However, even if the experience brings you to feel kind of settled in, there are still some challenges, such as logistical issues and the difficulty of maintaining stable relationships. Whether the nomadic lifestyle in coliving is considered a “proper” way of living ultimately depends on personal values, goals, and priorities.

For some people freedom and adventure align perfectly with their aspirations, while others may prioritize stability and deeper connections with a specific community or place. Where do you stand? For how long can you afford a nomadic lifestyle?

Regardless of each person’s choice, what matters most is that individuals are able to live authentically and pursue a way of life that brings them joy, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose.

Surprisingly, there are still many digital nomads who haven’t experienced a stay in a coliving environment. It is definitely an experience that is worth doing, if you have the opportunity, since staying in a coliving is both mind and heart opening, it is a great moment to create new connections and build long lasting relationships; it is also choosing to get out of your comfort zone, which is always eye-opening and teaches you so much on yourself and others.

Is the coliving an experience you are evaluating for yourself?

Check out our location in Sardinia next to the beach or book a discovery call to know more.

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