Bouldering Sardinia: check out our incredible guesthouse!

Heyyy, As We Flow has a bouldering guesthouse here in North Sardinia!

Gallura is the place to be if you’re into bouldering. Seriously, it’s this hidden gem for climbers that’s been getting more and more attention lately, and for a good reason. It has no regret compared to other worldclass destinations such as Fontainebleau or Albarracin, it’s just different!

The landscape here in Gallura is simply unreal, with these rugged cliffs and epic boulder formations that make every climb an adventure. There’s plenty of possibilities in terms of bouldering, with a lot of established lines and breathtaking sectors, crazy rock formations and much more to discover!

And let me tell you, the bouldering scene? It’s booming. There’s this energy in the air, this buzz of excitement from climbers of all levels pushing their limits. Whether you’re a total newbie or a pro, bouldering in Sardinia has something unique. You can now challenge yourself on thousands of lines, between IV to 8b+.

The vibe around here is just so chilled, you can really feel at home. So if you’re looking for your next bouldering spot, trust me, you gotta check out what bouldering in Sardinia has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

When we came here two years ago, to start this new journey, we were already aware about the beauty of Sardinia but definitely didn’t expect to find a truly paradise.

At As We Flow we finally had the chance to create an incredible and genuine hub, putting together our knowledge, passions and work. The coliving was born and with that the idea of a co-created space to host the motivated climbers coming here either for vacations or work.

bouldering sardinia

As We Flow, the space for bouldering in Sardinia

Nestled above the hills of Porto Cervo, inside the breathtaking landscapes of North Sardinia, lies an incredible playground for boulderers, who has seen an huge growth and expansion in the last few years.

Our newly opened bouldering guesthouse, strategically positioned close to the town of Arzachena, aims to be the destination for those craving a proper outdoor experience in one of Italy’s most iconic regions for climbing.

bouldering guesthouse

A Bouldering Paradise

From Olbia to Arzachena, crossing into inland between Luogosanto and Capo Testa: these are actually recognized as the bouldering hotspots of Sardinia and they attract climbers from all across the globe thanks to their outstanding and diverse array of locations for bouldering. In fact, from beginners to pros, the region offers something for everyone, whether you’re seeking for challenging boulder problems scattered throughout the area or you prefer chilling at the incredible spots and views this island has to offer.

Bouldering Sardinia: your base camp for adventures

Our bouldering guesthouse serves as the perfect base camp for your bouldering sessions, offering access to the main bouldering spots and central for some other intimate little spot close to the property. After a day of exploration and high quality climbs, take some rest in our cozy accommodations, where comfort meets rustic charm. Relax and unwind in our inviting communal spaces, where climbers gather to share stories and build new friendships.

We also love to share info and tips about the boulders or give you support with crash pad rental – also if you’re traveling with your van and need any advise please do not hesitate to reach out!

At our bouldering guesthouse, we are committed to preserve the environment that surrounds us – here you’ll find some tips on how to preserve nature & rock. We’ll love to give you the opportunity to spend a great time on the boulders but want also that people respect the areas, the nature and the locals. Many of the areas developed in recent years are in private lands, therefore it is key to respect the rules in order to avoid the landowners to close the sectors.

We also take part to eco-friendly practices to support local conservation initiatives, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint while maximizing the positive impact on the community. Join us in our efforts to protect and cherish this extraordinary corner of the world.


Services at As We Flow

At As We Flow, we’re all about giving all you need among a place to rest your head. Our range of extra services is designed to ensure that your stay with us is nothing short of unforgettable.

Start your day right with a delicious breakfast or a more powerful yoga class that fuels your adventures ahead.

Need a lift to the boulders? We’ve got you covered with our convenient transfer service, ensuring you spend less time commuting and more time climbing. Plus, with insider information about the best bouldering spots in the area, you’ll have all the tips & tricks you need to make the most of your time on the rocks.

Don’t forget to gear up with our crash pad rentals and chalk supplies, ensuring you’re equipped for every send!

More than just bouldering

Beyond its world-class climbing opportunities, North Sardinia captivates visitors with its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, no more boring rest days!

Embark on a journey of discovery as you explore ancient archaeological sites, picturesque villages, and pristine beaches popping up trough the coastline. Get lost in the region’s culinary delights, on the intricate paths to get to the boulders and appreciate an infinite surprisingly territory.

Plan and enjoy this endless potential – our guesthouse invites you to explore the magic of bouldering in Sardinia and the unique and breathtaking experience you can only fell in this land.

Book your stay with us for a visit or connect just to say hello, we are always happy to connect!

Also, check out our Instagram page if you need some more inspo 🙂

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