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Your bouldering home in Sardinia

Come and enjoy exciting bouldering adventures in Sardinia! Our guesthouse is nestled in the scenic Northern part of the island, Gallura.

We provide crash pad rentals and comfortable rooms for your stay. Get ready for an exploration of various sectors and the exciting new areas we uncover every day. We can’t wait to share some bouldering sessions together!

Crash Pads Rental

Small or big size, let us know how many pads do you need for your sesh!

Single or Double Rooms

Come bouldering by yourself or with your climbing partner, we have space for both!

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Bouldering Sardinia: check out our incredible guesthouse!

Heyyy, As We Flow has a bouldering guesthouse here in North Sardinia! Gallura is the place to be if you’re into bouldering. Seriously, it’s this hidden gem for climbers that’s been getting more and more attention lately, and for a good reason. It has no regret compared to other worldclass destinations such as Fontainebleau or…

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Bouldering in Sardinia: how to preserve nature & rock.

Picture this: no fancy gyms with colorful holds, just rock, blue sky, and the great outdoors. Climbers were like modern-day explorers, seeking for new paths up inviolated cliffs, without any help of indoor training. This is the origin and the core of climbing. Back then, nature was the ultimate boss, and climbers had to show…

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Van Tour: discover our beloved home on wheels

Vanlife, to us, is more than just a lifestyle; it’s a deep connection to nature and the epitome of freedom. The decision to hit the road, leaving behind the hustle of urban life in Milan, was a game-changer. It unlocked the gateway to a world where we could be anywhere at any time, and it’s…

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