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Currently, we are running a climbing guesthouse on the north-east coast of Sardinia, close to all the main bouldering sectors of the northern region of the island.

Our aim is to create a meeting point, a place of unity and collaboration in a distinctive location in front of the sea, while offering the opportunity to rent crash pads and share bouldering sessions with anyone who is visiting us.

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Climbing Guesthouse & Crash Pad rentals

In total you’ll find more than 600 lines spread all along different locations, from seashore to outstanding plateu and hilly forests. There is still no guidebook of the new climbing areas, but you can directly ask us informations or check out the sectors already published on 27 Crags.

We are always happy to connect and meet new people!

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Bouldering Sardinia


Read the latest article about the main sectors we’ve been developing in Gallura region

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Discover Bouldering Sardinia

Since we moved to Sardinia, development work has been ongoing without interruption. We clean new boulders, discover new areas, and continue the work started by locals and non-locals over the past 15 years.

Bouldering in Sardinia has so much variety, you can find boulders of all types, ranging from V to 8b+, with a predominant focus on slopers and compression movements. The search for precise and skillful movements is essential to make progress on these boulders. For the more adventurous climbers, there are numerous highballs and trad-style routes to repeat and explore.

We’d love to meet you and show you around the area, however here some tips in case you’re planning a bouldering trip to Sardinia!

Discover the boulder areas in Gallura Region

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Bouldering in Sardinia – what to know


Born and raised in a village close to the Dolomites, I took my first steps into the vertical world, in the mountains, at the age of 15. In a short time I realised how congenial I was: the ease with which I moved on the wall allowed me to tackle challenging routes after just a few months, turning climbing into a real passion and a way to sustain my life.

Over the years, climbing has transformed from a simple sport into a school of life: it has become a means of learning and growing, of exploring the world.