coliving sardinia


As a digital nomad there is no way around it: even when the sun is out, work needs to get done. We try to offer you as much comfort as possible and created different settings around the house from where you can work. 

When you are staying at As We Flow you have 24/7 access to the equipped workspace with high speed internet. With a beautiful view over the beach and the sea, this is the perfect spot to get your stuff done while enjoying the nature around you.

All around there are no sounds, except for the wind, so the workspace is a silent area, both downstairs and upstairs. Feel free to choose if you prefer to be in the patio, the garden or the terrace: we are happy wherever you feel comfortable! There is also enough space inside or outside the house for your private calls.

We made sure that every communal space is perfect to get you through your work week. And if you want a quick break remember the beach is only 5 minutes walk from your home office!

Check out the photos below to see what the workspace is all about: