“Yoga is about your entire day, not just about what you do on the mat or with your body.”
How do your daily choices influence your yoga?

We practice every Monday at 7 pm. All levels are welcome, we’ll share some time together on the mat and move our body.

Some of the benefits from practicing Yoga:

Engaging in a consistent yoga practice yields numerous advantages. It cultivates a harmonious connection between your mind and body, leaving you with a lighter and more profound sense of awareness. Discover with me some more specific benefits:

Get stronger

Yoga enhances strength by engaging and toning muscles through various poses, promoting balance, and overall body awareness.

Improve flexibility

From the practice you will not only stretch and lengthen muscles, but also increase joint mobility, and enhance overall range of motion through a variety of poses and movements.

Feel comfortable

Through mindfulness, self-awareness, and acceptance you will learn to connect with and appreciate your body, cultivating a positive relationship with yourself.

Let me introduce myself

My name is Nairi, and I am a Yoga teacher with +500 hours of Yoga Alliance teacher training. I began practicing when I lived in Milan, seeking a moment of peace for myself within the chaos of the city. Driven by curiosity and a desire to deepen my personal practice, I decided to embark on the path of teaching. Since then, I’ve been sharing my passion for this wonderful discipline with other enthusiasts (and climbers). I teach Odaka Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Flow and Rocket Inspired. Apart from yoga, I am passionate about climbing and movement in all its forms. The difficulty level and physical intensity of my classes are tailored to the students’ levels and preferences. I also teach private one-to-one sessions, classes and workshops.